2022 Soil Rocks Competition Winners


The Regina Geotechnical Group (RGG) is excited to announce the winners of the 2021-22 video competition! The competition requires students to submit engaging videos related to the field of geotechnical (soil and rock) engineering. It is open to all ages of student across Saskatchewan. This year, the RGG’s panel of expert judges had to make some difficult decisions from among a top-quality batch of videos. One winner was chosen from each of the four age categories. The winning teams/individuals are:

  • Junior Geoscientists (KG- gr.4): Emmitt Moellenbeck, Kathryn Claffey, Kolter Claffey

  • Elementary Engineers (gr.5-8): Oren & Zoe

  • Tectonic Teens (gr.9-12): Ava Haynes

  • Cretaceous Collegians (technical or university): Kiana Avery

Follow the link below to watch a brief compilation of some highlights from the winning videos!

Soil Rocks 2022.mov

The RGG organizing committee and this years’ panel of judges would like to thank and congratulate both the winners, and all of the other entrants on their hard work and enthusiasm. We hope you continue to explore the varied field of geotechnical engineering!

The RGG gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Regina Engineering Society (RES), which helped make this competition possible.

Check the RGG website or Facebook page in the fall for updates on the 2023 Soil Rocks competition.