The Regina Geotechnical Group (RGG) Executive Team will appoint industry professionals and scholars as the Soil Rocks Competition Judges to review the submissions and rank the submissions by May 2022. The winners will be selected based on the evaluation criteria outlined below. The video submission must meet the mandatory requirements in order to be considered for evaluation.

Soil Rocks Competition Judges' decision will be final and not subject to any challenge. Successful winner(s) in each category will be notified via email and given an invitation to attend GeoCelebration 2022 (currently GeoCelebration status is unknown, due to COVID). If the winning team comprises of 4 or more team members, the RGG reserves the right to invite the team lead only.

Any questions or inquires in regards to this competition can be directed to reginageotechgroup@gmail.com.

Discretion, Rejection, and Cancellation

1. Soil Rocks Competition Judges shall be sole judge of whether an applicant is qualified and the RGG’s decision shall be final and not open to review or challenge.

2. The RGG is not bound to accept any submission, and may cancel the competition at any time for any reason without liability.

3. The RGG is not obligated to accept submissions that are incomplete, conditional, defaming, inaccurate, illegal, obscure, or containing irregularities.

4. The RGG reserve the right to disqualify submissions if there is reason to suspect that the number of views or likes have been artificially inflated.

5. The working language of the Province of Saskatchewan is English; however, we recognize the diverse languages within the Province. We welcome videos delivered in languages other than English, but those videos must include English subtitles in order to be evaluated.

2021 Soil Rocks Evaluation2.pdf